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"It can be enormously liberating to be in the presence of someone who gives us full permission to be ourselves, to accept ourselves in all our flavours and guises and allow the knots of shame and fear to loosen their hold, unravel and finally come undone."

        ~ Will Johnson

I offer individual coaching programmes that are created specifically for you to meet you exactly where you are.

With this style of coaching, we will work with images and narratives

to explore ways of understanding and relating to your life. We will

explore with compassion and curiosity any issues you have brought,

while also celebrating your unique qualities and gifts.

Through a programme of enquiry, practice and development we will work with the stories of your life, the different parts of your being, and the obstacles you’re facing in a way that turns them into opportunities for lasting learning and growth. 

My aim is to hold a safe space in which you can: 

  • Talk freely and be listened to deeply.

  • Develop skills that help you meet life with creativity and resilience.

  • Meet with parts of yourself both ordinary and mystical.  

  • Discover what it is that makes you feel the most resourced and healthy.

  • Investigate what it is that supports you thriving, even through adversity.

  • Actively open up space between an experience and your reaction.

My previous clients have described my coaching as Non-Judgmental, Insightful, Trustworthy, Sensitive and Warm.

So what is Integral Development coaching?

My friend and colleague in coaching Ava Osbiston wrote this description, accompanied by beautiful images she carved and printed herself.  Website -

What is Integral Development Coching

The word integral relates to thing being integrated and having integrity. It gestures towards the welcome of all parts of us to make up our wholeness and situate ourselves in context- in time, space and in relationship. We live in challenging times. 


This kind of coaching draws on many different wisdoms, and remains un- dogmatic in it's flexible approach to lead us towards ever more inclusion of the parts of us that have been forgotten or rejected. Every part of you is welcome.

Development is a journey, in this methodology it means an expanding or deepening. As we develop we increase our capacity, our understanding and our ability to respond.  


Developmental coaching welcomes us to be in touch with how change is made in each present moment and the inevitability of our own growth as our lives unfold as a series of moments.

This kind of Coaching is non directive, client lead and supportive. 

Engaging in a coaching relationship is like taking on an accomplice in your own development.  A friend, who is working alongside you to facilitate change, to hold space and to offer reflections and insight into what is happening for you. 

Coaching offers a committed space to put getting curious about yourself as priority.

Thank you Ava


How would it work?

I Work online

At the moment my work is online, unless you live in the South Devon area and would like in-person meetings.

A brief chat 

To begin with, we would have an initial conversation of about 20-30 minutes on the phone or Zoom to get to know each other a little. This would not be charged. This is an opportunity to say hello and sense into whether it feels right for us to continue.

First session

If after our initial call we both choose to continue, then we would organise a first session. This session would be a chance for us to explore in more detail the issues you are bringing and for me to get more of a sense of your life. I will ask many questions in order to gather a comprehensive view of you and your life circumstances. This conversation will usually be between 60 and 75 minutes. 

Second session 

After the first session I will prepare some offerings in the form of story or metaphor ~ ways I perceive your life at this point and new ways of looking at things. This is a way of really getting to understand your situation and what you're struggling with or wanting to develop.


The Journey we take ​

From the third session onwards we would really begin to explore your experience deeply - looking to develop your:

  • Capacity to meet your experience with choice, spaciousness and kindness. 

… and reduce the:

  • Hold that the inner critic and reactive parts have on your life - including doubt, negative self views, self loathing, etc…

Over the course of our time together, I will offer you practices to do during the week, including journaling and contemplative practices. We will meet regularly, stand together when things feel difficult and celebrate your joys and developments.

Image by Conscious Design


I offer my coaching for £50 per session (between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 mins) as standard.

For those with more financial means I ask you to consider paying more to support bursary places for those with low income. Let's have a conversation about it. 

If a bursary place would support you then please enquire, I would love to hear from you.

You are welcome to pay for each session as we go. Another option is to pay for a block of 5 which can support commitment to the process. 

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