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Life Tools Podcast 

Welcome to life tools podcast - a place where I aim to share some of the tools that I have gathered over the years that have supported me in finding my way. My wish has always been to share these tools with others because sometimes just a little opening can make a world of difference. 


I have found openings through conversation with friends and strangers, poetry, teachers, books and stories, adventures in the world, quiet suffering in my bedroom, huge feelings and little quiet ones, parts of myself I didn't know existed, stillness, chaos and much much more. I do not propose I have found truth. Who am I to record myself and think it worth sharing? How do I acknowledge my privilege? What are my gifts to share? What I feel I do know is that life can be really hard as well being beautiful, and if anything I have gathered inside is valued by another, I hope I can share it.  


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Pilot Episode - Suffering

Pilot Episode - Suffering
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What is suffering?

Why do we suffer? 

How can we suffer less/work with our suffering?

These are the three questions I have explored in this first 
episode. At the end there is a guided practice that can
support noticing where we are suffering and sometimes help bring ease where there is difficulty... 

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