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Pilot Episode - Suffering

Pilot Episode - Suffering
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What is suffering?

Why do we suffer? 

How can we suffer less/work with our suffering?

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These are the three questions I have explored in this first episode. At the end there is guided practice that can support noticing where we are suffering and sometimes help bring ease where there is difficulty. 


Here are some extra resources and links to explore this topic. 


No boundary  - Ken Wilber
No bad parts - Richard Schwartz
Seeing that frees -  Rob Burbea


Learning to Respond Not React - Tara Brach 

The False Idea of Who You Are - Alan Watts

References for the quotes I used:
Jeff Foster quote  from Falling in Love with Where You Are
Ram Dass quotes  from Experiments in Truth 
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel quotes from Way of Tenderness 
Eckhart Tolle quote  from Stillness Speaks 
Rob Burbea quote from Seeing that Frees

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