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Self-Compassion, Kindness, Connection

Turning towards our own experience to create

a healthier and happier inner and outer life

I offer IFS and somatic-informed Life Coaching

Along with a space to explore your experiences and be listened to deeply, I offer transformative tools and practices that give you more opportunity to respond to life with choice and kindness, rather than feeling lost in a trance of reactivity.

Here is a video describing a little of what this work is about

Here is a simple way of looking at it:

Do you feel stuck on an island, struggling with life?

  • At a threshold and unsure how to move forward

  • Feeling stuck in patterns that don't serve you

  • Feeling isolated, numb, unhappy or overwhelmed

  • Longing to live a more full and meaningful life but not sure how

  • Wanting support to find alternative pathways and take the necessary steps


Would you like to feel more:

  • Trust in yourself

  • Self compassion

  • Connection to life

  • Creativity

  • Sense of possibilities 

Pathways Coaching

Moving from the island to the mainland 

Perhaps most of us, when noticing a part of ourselves that we don't like, instinctively react by pushing it away, trying to get rid of it, without checking why it's there. When we do this, we create more internal conflict and splits in our psyche - ‘what we exile, grows hostile’. This is akin to punching holes in the bottom of your boat, which will sabotage your ability to travel in the long run.


My work emphasises a deep welcoming of all of our parts, helps heal wounds and create internal balance through care rather than control. In each moment we have the possibility to respond, to behave, to think, and to feel in a myriad of ways, but we tend to respond in the familiar ways we have learned through our lifetime. These automatic responses can sometimes cause us to get deeply stuck because a new approach is necessary. 


What if it were possible to create more space in our experience so that at moments where we notice an unhelpful reaction, we could choose to meet the situation differently? Perhaps we get suddenly angry, push a part of our experience away, or feel some fear arising, and before we realise, we are shouting at someone, turning on the TV or getting stuck in an anxious loop of thoughts. From my experience, it’s absolutely possible to learn new responses and meet our patterns, learned behaviours, wounds and parts with more spaciousness, choice, and compassion. 


Why am I someone to help with the crossing?

I live with an ongoing curiosity about the lessons hidden within our unique experience of being alive. Quite early on in my life, in response to how complex and challenging I found it to live with balance and wellbeing, I got really interested in my inner world - my relationship with life. I felt motivated to learn about my own suffering, where it comes from and why I feel it. I wondered, ‘Am I somehow creating this? Do I have any power to change it?’ This journey of questioning and searching led me to train in a variety of modalities, including Integral Development Coaching. I bring an interesting combination of Life Coaching, Internal Family Systems model, present moment somatic enquiry, and contemplative practices with roots in Buddhism and meditation, that blend together and create a unique approach. 

The new horizon of possibilities 

Once we start showing up for ourselves with kindness, amazing changes can begin to happen inside and out. Once we realise it is our own care and attention that makes the most difference to how we feel, that what we are looking for is right here, in us and in our awareness all along, beautiful and profound possibilities can open up. This is what the work of Self in Centre Coaching makes possible.


My wish is that you can experience these possibilities in your life, that you feel empowered and connected to your centre, more able to meet yourself, others, and life from this place of spaciousness, compassion and choice.

"It can be enormously liberating to be in the presence of someone who gives us full permission to be ourselves, to accept ourselves in all our flavours and guises and allow the knots of shame and fear to loosen their hold, unravel and finally come undone.

~ Will Johnson

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