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"Working with Asher has felt like everything thing I hoped for and more. For me it was the feeling of finally having someone in my life who cares, but who's also listening. Asher is curious, caring and also real. He's like a mix of a football coach watching the strategy, an eagle keeping the bigger picture in mind and just a guy with a big heart who makes you feel comfortable. I gained the courage to meet parts of my being that seemed too overwhelming to face by myself. Asher was also instrumental in figuring out what to do in some tricky situations. It's always felt like he's rooting for me. Working with Asher is a true gift. I'm Deeply grateful."


"Working with Asher was a really fantastic experience, I felt really safe and seen. He has a beautiful energy and way of holding space. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity."


"He made me feel very settled, calm and relaxed. I opened up quickly because of his trustworthiness and his sensitivity.”


“We made progress in quite surprising ways, it has improved my confidence and helped me be braver.”


"Working with Asher was an enriching experience. His approach is supportive, sensitive and compassionate. I always appreciated how he brought his entire self to our sessions - in that way, it was easy to open up and explore what was going on for me with a feeling of safety and calm. Asher has a talent for seeing the hidden gifts we all possess. His insight and wisdom were most felt when he created imaginative exercises and ways to explore going forward towards a vision I vaguely had, an idea of how I want to live. Asher was able to help bring this vision into greater clarity. The work we did together was rooted in authenticity, kindness, and celebration of life."


"Asher has a calm and gentle demeanour. Our sessions were insightful and inspiring. Also, I felt heard and seen with great empathy. Thanks to our time together, I have experienced a shift in my self-acceptance and I’m widening my perspective of the interconnectedness with people in my life which can’t help but improve my relationships."


"My first session with Asher has been so influential and positive for me, I’ve been able to change things that I’ve been struggling with for a long time off the back of it so I really value his time, energy and wisdom." 


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